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Finally tried LuxBite in South Yarra yesterday with my sister and boyfriend. I have to say… It was AMAZING! These were just some of the desserts we got (we spent over $85 there… Whoops!) but totally worth it.
I’ve been to a number of different dessert places but I have to say Luxbite definitely ranks number 1!
The first cake there is called the Lolly Bag Cake. It has a few layers of different lollies from childhood as they describe it. I wasn’t able to figure out what each layer was but there was a layer of marshmallow and another layer of popping candy!!! Absolutely amazing. The layers blended in really well together! Tasted so yummy! I could definitely have another slice… Or two!
The middle photo is of the Meringue Monster. We didnt actually eat that one there, took it home instead. But my sister and I tried it tonight. Again… Amazing! It has 3 distinct layers on the inside - green tea base, watermelon yoghurt and sour strawberry mousse. OMG seriously it was AMAZING!
The one thing I’ve found about luxbite is just how light their desserts are! Usually when I have desserts, I have to have some drink with it to wash down the heavy taste but surprisingly I was fine with luxbite!
Another one of their amazingly light desserts is the Endless Love (4th photo)! The one took us by surprise! The filling was so light that it practically melted in your mouth. The flavours were really fresh. They even had a lychee in the middle which really helped in keeping the freshness of the taste.
The last slice, the banoffee, was a bit heavier than the other slices we had but that was to be expected. Still tasted amazing! It had a very light spicy taste to it that enhanced the flavours.
We also got some macarons from there that even my mum liked!
Definitely a place we’ll visit and gladly spend a lot of money in! Also a place I’ll gladly take people too!
I’m just grateful I don’t live near it otherwise my wallet would be a gaping hole all the time and I’d be rolling home hahaha

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